I have three issues with lifts (elevators) in Singapore!!

First, I miss many lifts in the morning during the rush hour. We have six lifts in my apartment building and I live on the 55th Floor so you can imagine I have to wait for a long time. But it could be longer…really longer.

Here’s how the lift system goes in Singapore, I think. I press the bottom then one of the lifts responds. It could be on the 1st Floor at that time, or the 8th Floor. Even though I see one at the 57th floor, the one responded first come and get me. Ultimately, I miss the lift located the closest to me. Sometimes, it seems that lifts communicate to each other and the closest one picks me up. The longest time I have ever waited to get on the lift was 10 minutes. Then, about 10 min to the ground floor. I reside 10 min away from my office. But already 30 min to office on the worst day.

Weekends and evenings are worse. Some lifts are not in operation in the name of saving energy “eco-friendly”.

Second, at the office building, during the rush hour again, many people are trying to get to their office in or on time. Perhaps, the most crowded time of the day. The worst day goes stopping at every single floor until reaching to my 17th floor. What I am unpleased is if I don’t appoint myself as an elevator girl no one presses “close” bottom immediately after someone gets off.

Third, although they do not press close bottom in the situation above, they do it not to wait for you when you run to get in. The doors are closed literally in front of your face. Singapore is supposed to be the Safety First country, however.

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