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Each Wishing Sphere represents a hope the New Year will bring penned by Singaporeans and visitors. There are wishing stations island-wide started in mid-October. It is supposed to be a large-scale visual installation with 20,000 balloons or wishing spheres set afloat in Marina Bay.

It has been 6 years since this New Year’s celebration event was incepted. Yet many locals and those who have been living in Singapore for quite sometime do not seem to know about it. Why?

The lack of creativity is talked about significantly here in Singapore. I find Singapore does promote poorly or does not properly, or does not know how to communicate. Some street signs and directions are not simple to understand, rather more confusing. For example, the entrance of the building my office is located is closed weekend and suggests to enter from slide door with an arrow sign. How far should we follow to the arrow? Why don’t you just write “enter from Standard Chartered ATM”? Then we know how far we have to go. The ATM door is not even slide door, by the way.

Back to “Wish Upon A Sphere“, the organizer or PR company of their choice could have placed the sign around Marina Bay. I am sure they have done traditional media outreach talking to only 2 publishers in Singapore, but not beyond.

Today, I have a say to the “Wish Upon A Sphere“ team. Will see if they can properly communicate their program to consumer next year…

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