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Some Singaporean gals possess criteria for dating and marriage, 5Cs. So, what are they?

They size men up based on Cash, Credit Card, Condo, Car and Country Club Membership, and of course quality and quantity of those. My reaction was jaw-dropped.

However, I remember a dated word by now “SANKO” (Three Highs) in Japanese when Japan’s economy was still bubbly. Three Highs signifies physical height, high education and high salary. These were qualities girls back then looked for their potential suitors. That sounds cuter compared to 5Cs, I think. Oh, my first screening criterion is height, by the way.

Coming from where females beat males, yes to the Big Apple, 5Cs was certainly unacceptable concept. You can obtain all those on your own, n’est ce pas?

How this 5Cs concept was developed? Gender inequality?

Singapore seems the perfect environment for women to focus on developing their career in order to achieve 5 Cs unlike majority of women in other countries. With live-in nannie, a maid or two, and family support, they have more freedom and time to pursue what they want, instead of taking care of family and children, cooking for them, and cleaning the house.

As much as I was shocked to learn 5Cs in the beginning, I now admired them as well. They know what they want, right? How many people on this planet know exactly what they want, really?

Now that Singapore’s economy is not as strong as used to be, how long more 5Cs stays alive? Recently, I heard 5Bs which is originated from Hong Kong is new 5Cs. I do not remember what that was but surely it proved the criteria changes. Will get back to you once I studied 5Bs.

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