I have three issues with lifts (elevators) in Singapore!! First, I miss many lifts in the morning during the rush hour. We have six lifts in my apartment building and I live on the 55th Floor so you can imagine I have to wait for a long time. But it could be longer…really longer. Here’s … More Lift

Are You Japanese?

My name really shows that I am Japanese. More on male side. As soon as someone hears or reads my name, the first question is “Are you Japanese?” Ethnically YES. Nationality-wise NO, outside of Japan. So, my answer is always Japanese-American. Question marks stay on their face. Next reaction is “Oh! your mother is American.” … More Are You Japanese?


image credit by Some Singaporean gals possess criteria for dating and marriage, 5Cs. So, what are they? They size men up based on Cash, Credit Card, Condo, Car and Country Club Membership, and of course quality and quantity of those. My reaction was jaw-dropped. However, I remember a dated word by now “SANKO” (Three … More 5Cs

How Much?

On my first day at new office in Singapore, during the lunch with my new team, the first question was “How much are you making?” Continued to more similar questions… What package are you on? Company pays for your housing? How much? What did you get for your relocation? Airfare? Hotel? Moving? And on and … More How Much?


A year ago today I relocated to Singapore, half the globe, all way from my beloved home New York. While considering relocation to Asia, I chose Singapore and Hong Kong for an obvious reason, English-speaking countries. Didn’t I? I had a huge allergic reaction to Singlish. Period. Simple understanding of Singlish is Singaporean + English, … More Singlish